04 Jan

Welcome to the blog! For this first entry, I will be discussing the purpose of the blog and the website itself as well as the use of each available feature. This introductory post is also meant to introduce myself and my aspirations to the web-world.

Hello reader! I am Oscar Hanson, the creator behind the personal blog and website, and this was my attempt to create an online journal detailing the events and endeavors in my life as I pursue my dream of medicine. I am currently an undergraduate student at Berea College (c/o 2025), and I aspire to become a physician-scientist with the dream of advancing our understanding of human heath to benefit medicine and humanity. My academic intrigues vary from cancer biology to genetic therapeutics, while my personal interests partake the hobbies of basketball, reading, writing, and exploring many new things through learning. I believe much more can be learned about me by exploring the website and all its stories and details. Hence, I warmly welcome you to the website My (Oscar Hanson’s) Medical Journal!

But before you begin your exploration through my personal site, here is a helpful guide to learn about each site feature:

Website: This is not a site feature, but is the website itself; I will explain its particular purpose here. The generally intended objective of the site has been briefly detailed on the About page. To elaborate further, I created this website to be a personal journaling of my endeavors and my plans to achieve them, big or small. Each goal I set, and each story I write and publish here, will all contribute to me pursuing my dreams of a medical career. The degree goal is an MD/PhD, as I enjoy biomedical research (the PhD) to push forward the capabilities of human health and medical practice (the MD) to help those overcome their illnesses. Hence, the general purpose of this website is to be a place for me to journal my goals and achievements through my medical journey while sharing story with web-world.

Blog: The blog will be used for personal regards, of which I will share my experiences through the rigorous journey of medicine until I become the physician scientist I always hoped to be. The blog may feature some internship experiences, extracurricular events, job experiences, as well as academic insights to provide a student perspective on one’s path toward medicine.

Articles: The articles on this site will be more generalized for advice and helpful notes that I picked up along my journey through medicine. Hence, article submissions will be aimed at student audiences—general and medical—to provide great advice and insight on attaining each goal and milestone along the way toward a higher education. 

Forum: The forum on this site is open to all and is meant to bring the community together for discussions, curiosities, and feedback. Although the site is more academic-related, the forum can be used for virtually anything one desires!

Timeline: The timeline page is meant to provide a very brief overview on where I am on my journey, and where I have been. By clicking on the “More” button of each provided date one can explore an elaborated description of each period in my life where I will provide an extended summary of everything I have done during that time. In a way, the timeline is the most autobiographical feature on the site.

Contact: If there remains any question about anything on the site, or if you just wish to contact me for individualized feedback, or if you wish to provide feedback yourself about the site, feel free to reach out on any of my areas of contact. I will reply as soon as possible once I receive the message! Also the map feature of this page shows where my current institution of eduction/research is located at.

* The email will not be published on the website.