29 Jan

Writing had never really been a preferred hobby of mine, but as I have become more insightful and educated over the years, I began to understand the value in it. 

The written records and documents in our history have inspired and intrigued many creative and innovative minds in many facets of life. It is the way of communication and connection from past and present—it provides us with the stories of yesterday. Without it, the sciences and the arts, and society itself, may have never advanced into an era of astounding knowledge and capability as it exists today.

But how is this all important into why I chose to build a personal website?

A desire to write and record my personal journey through medicine from high school graduation till the end of my career is ultimately why I chose to build a personal website—to inspire others and tell a story. Of course there are other features on the website, such as a forum and articles, but it is all aimed to guide and inspire the great young minds of the future once my contribution toward the advancement of medicine is complete.

While this concept may seem too deep for somebody to conjure into thought at such an early time in their life, it is, nevertheless, the truth. 

Although I may never be anybody great myself, at least I have left one thing here for people to remember and be inspired by. As someone who may someday be a physician scientist, I feel the need to leave some written records here in the form of a personal website for others and myself to refer to in the future, because the journey toward a distinguished career in medicine can be very difficult.  

In short, I wrote a piece of the present that will someday become a piece of the past to inspire the changes of the future.

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